Recent lectures and seminar presentations 

Thomas Piketty - 2010-2014

Will 21C Capitalism be as unequal as 19C Capitalism?  Jerusalem Van Leer Institute 14 January 2010 (pdf) (ppt)

Inequality in the Long Run & Inherited Wealth  UCL EALE/SOLE Meeting 17 June 2010 (pdf) (ppt)

On the Long-Run Evolution of Inheritance - France 1820-2050 Various seminars, October 2009-September 2010 (pdf) (ppt)

Wealth, Inequality & Assets: Where is Europe Heading? Brussels DG ECFIN Conference 23 November 2010 (pdf) (ppt)

Crises, Wealth & Inequalities Banque de France Conference 29 November 2010 (pdf) (ppt)

Inherited vs Self-Made Wealth - Theory & Evidence from a Rentier Society (Paris 1872-1937) Various seminars, April 2010-March 2011 (pdf) (ppt)

Croissance économique et répartition des richesses Collège de France 2 mars 2011 (pdf) (ppt)  Ecole Polytechnique 2 mai 2011 (pdf) (ppt)

Designing Tax & Benefit Systems: New Results on Optimal Capital Taxation LSE Conference 20 May 2011 (pdf) (ppt)  Collège de France Conference 23 June 2011 (pdf) (ppt)

Inequality & Capitalism in the Long Run CEPN PK Conference 11 June 2011 (pdf) (ppt)  AES Paris Conference 8 September 2011 (pdf) (ppt) Harvard CES November 3 2011 (pdf) (ppt)

Will 21C Capitalism be as unequal as 19C Capitalism? IEA World Congress Beijing 6 July 2011 (pdf) (ppt) SIE Meeting Roma Tre October 15 2011 (pdf) (ppt)

A Theory of Optimal Capital Taxation Various seminars, November 2011-May 2012 (pdf) (ppt)

Ingredients for a European Fiscal Revolution Brussels PES Meeting November 25 2011 (pdf)  (ppt)

Why Inequality Keeps Rising ? World Bank March 23 2012 (pdf) (ppt)

Distribution & Growth: How Much Can Inequality Increase During 21st Century? Lille June 21 2012 (pdf) (ppt)

Capital is Back: Wealth-Income Ratios in Rich Countries 1700-2010, Various seminars, september 2012-november 2013 (pdf) 

Wealth, Inequality and Taxation, IMF September 27 2012 (pdf) (ppt)

Inequality in America: The 1% in International and Historical Perspective, Columbia University September 27 2012 (pdf) (ppt)  UPenn November 9 2012 (pdf) (ppt)

Capitalism and Inequality in the Long Run, Sciences Po October 16 2012 (pdf) (ppt)

Should the Rich Pay for Fiscal Adjustment? Income and Capital Tax Options, Brussels October 18 2012 (pdf) (ppt)

Top Incomes & the Great Recession, IMF November 8 2012 (pdf) (ppt)

Wealth & Inheritance in the Long-Run, PSE April 6 2013 (pdf)  (ppt)