Travaux récents/Recent work

February 2017

Global Inequality Dynamics: New Findings from (F. Alvaredo, L. Chancel, T. Piketty, E. Saez, G. Zucman, 2017, Slides, Data)

Distributional National Accounts: Methods and Estimates for the United States (T. Piketty, E. Saez, G. Zucman, 2016, Slides, Appendix, Data)

Capital Accumulation, Private Property and Rising Inequality in China, 1978-2015 (T. Piketty, L. Yang, G. Zucman, 2016)

Inequality Dynamics in France, 1900-2014: Evidence from Distributional National Accounts (B. Garbinti, J. Goupille-Lebret, T. Piketty, 2016, Slides)

Wealth Concentration in France 1800-2014: Methods, Estimates and Simulations (B. Garbinti, J. Goupille-Lebret, T. Piketty, 2016, Slides, Appendix, Data)

Carbon and Inequality: from Kyoto to Paris (L. Chancel, T. Piketty, PSE 2015)

About Capital in the 21st Century (T. Piketty, AER 2015)

Putting Distribution Back at the Center of Economics (T. Piketty, JEP 2015)

Vers une économie politique et historique (T. Piketty, Annales 2015)

Wealth and Inheritance in the Long Run (T. Piketty, G. Zucman, Handbook of Income Distribution, 2015, data appendix)

Measuring Inequality and Top Incomes in the Middle East (F. Alvaredo, T. Piketty, 2015) (appendix) (data appendix)

On the Share of Inheritance in Aggregate Wealth: Europe and the U.S. 1900-2010 (F. Alvaredo, B. Garbinti, T. Piketty, 2015, data appendix)

Capital in the 21st Century: A Multidimensional Approach to the History of Capital and Social Classes (T. Piketty, BJS 2014)

Inequality in the Long Run (T. Piketty, E.Saez, Science 2014) (supp.material) (data files) (slides (ted talk))

Capital is Back: Wealth-Income Ratios in Rich Countries 1700-2010 (T. Piketty, G. Zucman, QJE 2014) (data appendix)

World Wealth and Income Database (WID) (F. Alvaredo, T. Atkinson, T. Piketty, E. Saez, G. Zucman, 2011-2016)

Autres publications/Other publications

Présentations et conférences récentes/Recent lectures and seminar presentations