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Travaux récents/Recent work

November 2022


Liste des publications/list of publications

Présentations récentes/Recent presentations

A Brief History of Equality (Harvard University Press, 2022)

Mesurer le racisme, vaincre les discriminations (Ed. du Seuil, 2022)

Brahmin Left vs Merchant Right: Changing Political Cleavages in 21 Western Democracies 1948-2020, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2022 (with A. Gethin, C. Martinez-Toledano) (WID WP 2021/15)

World Inequality Report 2022 (co-edited with L. Chancel, E. Saez, G. Zucman, WIL 2021) (Online version)

Global Income Inequality 1820-2020: The Persistence and Mutation of Extreme Inequality, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2021 (with L. Chancel) (WID WP 2021/19)

Une brève histoire de l'égalité (Ed. du Seuil, 2021)

Clivages politiques et inégalités sociales. Une étude de 50 démocraties (1948-2020) (co-dirigé avec A. Gethin et C. Martinez-Toledano, EHESS/Gallimard/Seuil, 2021)

Political cleavages and social inequalities. A study of 50 democracies (1948-2020) (co-edited with A. Gethin and C. Martinez-Toledano, HUP 2021)

World Political Clevages and Inequality Database (2021)

Capital et idéologie (Ed. du Seuil, 2019) (Capital and ideology, HUP, 2020)

Vivement le socialisme! Chroniques 2016-2020 (Ed. du Seuil, 2020)

Income and Wealth Inequality in Hong Kong 1981-2020: The Rise of Pluto-Communism? (with L. Yang, WID WP 2022/10)

Twenty Years and Counting: Thoughts About Measuring the Upper Tail (with E. Saez, G. Zucman) (Journal of Economic Inequality, forthcoming, 2021)

Political Cleavages and Social Inequalities in Algeria, Iraq, and Turkey 1990-2019 (with L. Assouad, A. Gethin, J.-N. Uraz, WID WP 2021/12)

Political Conflict, Social Inequality and Electoral Cleavages in Central-Eastern Europe (with A. Lindner, F. Novokmet, T. Zawisza, WID WP 2020/25)

Predistribution vs Redistribution: Evidence from France and the US (with A. Bozio, B. Garbinti, J. Goupille-Lebret, M. Guillot, WID WP 2020/22)

Distributional National Accounts Guidelines: Methods and Concepts used in the World Inequality Database (WIL, 2020)

Social Inequalities and the Politicization of Ethnic Cleavages in Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal 1999-2019 (with J. Baleyte, A. Gethin, Y. Govind, WP 2020/18)

Inequality under Colonial Rule: Evidence from French Algeria, Cameroon, Tunisia, Vietnam and comparisons with British colonies 1920-1960 (with F. Alvaredo & D. Cogneau, WP 2020/14) (Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming, 2021)

Electoral Cleavages and Socioeconomic Inequality in Germany 1949-2017 (with F. Kosse, WID.word WP 2020/15)

Social Inequality and the Dynamics of Political and Ethnolinguistic Divides in Pakistan 1970-2018 (with A. Gethin, S. Mehmood, WP 2020/16)

Inequality and Redistribution in France 1990-2018: Evidence from Post-tax Distributive National Accounts (DINA) (with A. Bozio, B. Garbinti, J. Goupille-Lebret, M. Guillot, T. Piketty, WP 2018/10)

Brahmin Left vs Merchant Right: Rising Inequality and the Changing Structure of Political Conflict. Evidence from France, Britain and the US 1948-2017 ( WP 2018/7, Presentation slides, Data Appendix)

The End of Rentiers: Paris 1842-1957 (with G. Postel-Vinay, J.L. Rosenthal, WP 2018/1, Data Appendix)

Autres publications/Other publications