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Advanced Economic History / Histoire économique avancée

(Master APE & PPD, EHESS & Paris School of Economics)

Thomas Piketty  -  Academic year 2022-2023


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Office: Jourdan R5-04

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"Advanced economic history" is an optional second-year master course that is highly recommended for students wishing to specialize in economic history and related subjects. This is a collective course designed by the members of the Centre d'histoire économique et sociale François-Simiand. The objective is to present a broad introduction to various research areas in economic history.

"Advanced Economic History" is jointly taught by Facundo Alvaredo, Jérôme Bourdieu, Denis Cogneau, Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur, Lionel Kesztenbaum, Eric Monnet and Thomas Piketty. The two lectures taught by Thomas Piketty focus upon the long-run evolution of property regimes and political systems, with emphasis on the transition from ternary societies to proprietary societies and the interaction between inequality and party systems in modern electoral democracies.

Although this is not a formal prerequisite, I assume that students have already taken the "Introduction to Economic History" course and are familiar with the basic facts regarding the historical evolution of income and wealth, the changing composition of capital ownership, etc. Students who have not taken this course (or need to refresh their memory) are strongly encouraged to go through the syllabus and slides used in this course.

"Adavanced Economic History" is organized in 12 lectures of 3 hours. To validate the course, students are required (1) to attend and actively participate to all lectures; (2) to take the exam.


Lecture 1-8 & 11-12 by L. Kesztenbaum/E. Monnet/F. Alvaredo/D. Cogneau/J. Bourdieu/P.C. Hautcoeur


Lecture 9: Property Regimes and Political Systems in Historical Perspective: From Ternary Societies to Proprietarian Societies (T. Piketty)

Monday November 7th 2022, 17h45-19h15 & Wednesday November 8th 2022, 16h-17h30


Lecture 10: Property Regimes and Political Systems in Historical Perspective: Party Systems and Inequality in Electoral Democracies (T. Piketty)

Monday November 14th 2022, 17h45-19h15 & Wednesday November 15th 2022, 16h-17h30



Syllabus, Reading lists and Slides used in previous years: AY 2017-18, AY 2018-19, AY 2019-20, AY 2020-21, AY 2021-2022