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Capital in the 21st century

Thomas Piketty

Harvard University Press - March 2014

(cover, introduction and chapter 1) (presentation slides) (video and media)

(version française) (english version) (other translations) (debates)


This page includes the following material:

- the cover, introduction and chapter 1 (pdf), of the book "Capital in the 21st century"

- the set of figures and tables (pdf) presented in the book

- the set of supplementary figures and tables (pdf) to which the book refers to

- the technical appendix (pdf) describing the sources, methods and references used in the book (in particular to construct the statistical series used in figures and tables)

- the set of spreadsheet files (xls) including all figures, tables and statistical series

- a zip file including all these files


One can also access all these files by browsing the following directories:

- directory "figures and tables (pdf)" or "(xps)"

- directory "supplementary figures and tables (pdf)" or "(xps)"

- directory "spreadsheet files (xls)"


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